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In the little Montana town of Millbridge, the adventurous daughter of a local conservationist and the cautious son of a rancher realize that the balance of nature in their town may rest on their shoulders. They must work together despite their differences to help their community learn to coexist with the local wolf pack. Harriet and Redge work to help the townspeople understand the true value of harmony-between people and with nature. 

Violette, a young gray wolf who has set out on a journey to find her lost brother, has joined a wolf pack in the forest bordering Millbridge. Living next to a ranching town is fraught with danger, but Violette has grown used to living on the edge. She finds herself torn between the search for her brother and the family she has grown to love, and she soon discovers a surprising truth: coexisting with humans isn't easy, but no species can be labeled good or evil... not even humans.

From Yellow Ashes


To some, Vin is a diligent worker, as reliable as he is quiet. 

To others, he is a dedicated single father with unparalleled love for his adopted daughter.

To himself, Vin is one thing—a killer.


A man of many mysteries, Vin is a war veteran living a quiet life in a rural Spanish town. Every time he shuts his eyes, he sees a little, yellow house. The house is ablaze, plumes of smoke curling away from its windows and crumbling roof. The house belonged to an innocent couple whose names Vin will never know. These are the people he killed, whose house he set alight, whose baby he orphaned. 

For six years, Vin’s past has tormented him as he raised the child as his own. When he looks at his daughter, Felicia, he sees the faces of the parents she doesn’t remember. Felicia doesn’t know her history, and Vin hopes—for his sake as much as hers—that she will never find out. Despite the nightmares and the secrecy, he and Felicia live like an almost-regular family. This facade of normality is shattered when several armed men break into Vin’s house and try to kill him. He manages to fend off the attackers and escape with Felicia. Alone, desperate, and now on the run from a terrorist organization known as the Je’Nevant, Vin and Felicia receive unexpected help from Zirsi, a tenacious American author. The three of them flee from Spain to America with fake passports, beginning a journey to escape not only the Je’Nevant, but also the inevitable return of Vin’s haunting past.


As Vin, Zirsi, and Felicia travel across the United States with the threat of death on their heels, Vin must confront the Je’Nevant along with the truth about who he is, knowing that if he breaks down the walls he has built around himself, he may lose the only good thing he has brought to the world—Felicia. Vin must decide how much longer he can keep his past a secret before it tears him apart.



Inspector Adam Berkley receives a letter from a strange and mysterious woman begging him for help. Upon agreeing to assist her, the Inspector and Ms. Evangelista Newport are dragged into the adventure of their lives. Their journey across the United States involving a murder, an express train, and a valuable artifact promises to change their lives forever.

One For Sorrow

Six people in their South Dakota city have been murdered and detectives Nadia Lenkova and Owen Bennet are no closer to catching the serial killer known as the Stone Creek Magpie. As they slowly piece the mystery together, Nadia and Owen find themselves twisted into the Magpie’s plot as his promised grand finale draws near. They race to capture the killer before more people lose their lives.

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