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(Art Book about Identity)

​Limitless is an Art Book that delves into my identity as an individual, exploring topics such as gender, sexuality, and mental health in a deeply personal, vulnerable project.

Half 1

Half - A Narrative Without Words

"Half" is a short, handmade art book. This project is based on my experience as aromantic (not experiencing romantic attraction) and asexual (not experiencing sexual attraction). Society often pushes the idea that an individual is incomplete without a significant other, usually a romantic partner. In "Half," I push back against this idea and present the possibility that I am complete all on my own. 

Turnabout Karma

(Ace Attorney Fan Comic)

Franziska von Karma becomes the main suspect in the murder of an old enemy. It's up to her apprentice, Ivy, and the legendary Phoenix Wright to prove her innocence. (currently a work in progress)

(Game based on the Ace Attorney Fan Comic "Turnabout Karma")

Turnabout Vengeance


Follow Franziska von Karma, age 14, as she navigates law school, runs into challenges with family and friends, and prosecutes her very first trial. The game plays like a visual novel, similar to the Ace Attorney games.

(Being designed using the game-building software Ren'Py)

Lead Starling

(Original Horror Comic)

Based on my short story Incomplete Anxieties (here).

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