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"Better Good" — poem about a guilty conscience 

"Regarding Lack" — poem about asexuality and aromanticism

"Why I Refuse to Love" — poem about asexuality, aromanticism, and self-acceptance

"Imbalance" — poem about bullying and trauma

"Ripen" — poem about nostalgia, mangoes, and loss of innocence

"Extinct" — poem about trophy hunting and extinction

"Crushed Velvet" — poem about sensory issues

"Lost in Translation" — poem about lost civilizations and dead languages

"Vacancy" — prose poem about searching for meaning

"Matriarch" — poem about growing up, womanhood, and sexism


"A Bela Luta" — slam poem about mental illness

"What They Don't Teach You to See" — poem about earthworms and humanity

"How Can I Imagine a Frog-shaped Absence in the Absence of a Frog?" — poem about death, childhood, and a tadpole (Part I of III)

"Regrowth" — poem about death, childhood, and a snake (Part II of III)

"Five Hearts" — poem about life and earthworms (Part III of III)

"Rubber Duckies" — poem about childhood nostalgia



Morning Glory — heavily metaphorical short story about betrayal

Empaths — short story about the gift and curse of empathy 

Sweet Aubie — short story about unlikely, unconditional love

Emory Marble — short story about an unusual man with a connection to birds

Broken Mirrors — short story about bipolar disorder and feeling different

Incomplete Anxieties — unsettling short story about two brothers, a strange new neighbor, and the mysterious deaths of birds

Dragons — short story about isolation, freedom, and dragons


"If My Heart Was a House" — about fiction as a refuge from childhood loneliness

"Ordinary Love" — about self-esteem, being different, and learning to love oneself

"Weight of Living, Pt. I" — about bullying/abuse, betrayal, and dealing with trauma

"Clean Sweep" — about feeling stuck and unable to move on in life

Many of these pieces are undergoing revision and will be updated as edits are made. 

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